Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm going to write a quick post tonight cuz I'm tired and need to go to bed!
I think I'm just about packed...just a few last minute things that need thrown in and then I'll be all set. Hopefully my suitcases aren't too heavy! :)
I made bread again today. Actually I taught my 14 year old cousin how to bake bread. She got the biggest kick out of kneading the dough. I'm glad she enjoyed it cuz I really don't care for that part of the process! It turned out really well, only because I didn't teach her how to poison it...that will be in our next lesson!! :))
Dad preached in church tonight! That was cool. He preached on prayer. It was really good!
It was COLD here today! The temps didn't make the double digits, and the windchill didn't make it above 0!! Tonight on our way home the actual temp was -13!! Who knows what the windchill is!


bro milk said...

whatdid you do on your winter break in 50 words or more...

Rosebud said...

Brrrrr!! Are you flying back to NY, or driving?

Oh yes, I'm not entirely devoid of political sentiments...or whatever. =)