Friday, February 13, 2009

A boring day on the block

Today was another, ummm interesting day in classes. Mrs. Donaghue, who is the teacher for English Comp was sick, so her husband, who is also a professor filled in for her. It was a VERY interesting class to say the least! It was DUMB! I got nothing out of it. We are supposed to write a comparison and contrast essay for Wednesday. I haven't even started thinking about it, but we had to write down what our topic would be, talk about last minute thinking! I'm going to write mine on homeschooling versus public schooling, it should be an interesting topic.
The teacher for World History was also sick, EVERYBODY is sick here, we watched "Flame in the Wind," for our class. It was a nice break from the same old, same old.
I had a test in New Testament Survey. I think it went well, it seemed a lot easier than what I had been expecting. :)
After lunch I took a short nap, it was wonderful, and I needed it bad! I worked for four hours, like I normally do when I work. I ate supper, then came to my room and haven't really left it since! It's been nice to do NOTHING! I've been talking on my phone, texting, and IMing all evening. It's been wonderful.

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Rosebud said...

Sounds horribly boring. =) I could go for a good long nap myself!! =P