Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm not going to even attempt to talk about classes today. They were bad, that is all I'm gonna say!
Thankfully I didn't have work today! YAY!! I love having days off.
I had my second voice lesson. I hit an A, which with still having a cold, is pretty good. :)
I did my laundry at my grandparents. For those of you here in NY, or who have been here at some point in time, I went out the back door of ICS. There is a hill that I have to go down to get to the road that takes me back to my grandparents apartment. I was in heels and dragging my laundry bag with me, and I managed to make it down the hill OK. It was very slippery, but I did it. After my voice lesson I went down to switch loads. I was still in heels, but I didn't think anything of it, I figured I'd just slide down the hill again, like I had done earlier. This time however I was not quite so fortunate! I managed to slip and fall and land perfectly on my backside! The only problem, our maintenance man, one of the college guys, plus one of the little elementary girls who were outside at that moment! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The maintenance man had a blanket in the back of his truck and told me to see if I could ride it down the hill!! HEHEHEHEHEHE!!! I tried it didn't work. :( sigh! If there had been cardboard around I would've tried that! Oh well, it was exciting! It made my day!! :))
I cleaned out my closet this afternoon! YAY!! I can now find things, and it is half way organized! I don't have to worry about something falling on me when I open the door, or have to shove stuff in when I close the door! :)
Friday Grandpa and I are going to Carnegie Hall!! I'm soooo excited!! We are going to see the Cleveland Orchestra. I have a friend that plays the cello in the C.O. I was talking to him on the phone today and he said that since Grandpa and I were getting into Manhattan so early (Due to circumstances we will be getting in around 4:00, the concert doesn't start until 8:00), he might be able to take us into Carnegie Hall, and onto the stage, and back stage, etc!! He isn't sure about it, but still, it would be COOL!! :) I hope it works out!

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