Thursday, February 5, 2009

Classes as usual today. Thankfully I didn't have any tests or quizzes!! YAY!! I guess it makes up for yesterday! I actually enjoyed my classes today and got stuff out of them. First thing this morning was Christian Home. I learned that there is going to be a test next Thursday in that class!! AAAAHHHHH!! Actually it shouldn't be that hard, Bro. Barnes gave us what we needed to go over, and if I study, I'll be fine. I also had Christian Womanhood today. It is a really interesting class, it covers a lot of basic stuff for young women. Today was mainly about running a household. Tips on organization, and cleaning schedules, etc. Intro to Missions was my final class of the day. I think it is going to be one of my favorite classes this semester. The topic today was on Sending missionaries. It was really interesting. Dr. Grimbilas really loves missions, so as a result it makes for a very interesting class.
The beginning of this semester 6 men from this church went to India on a missions trip. They got back last Thursday. Tonight they did a video presentation, and each of those men gave a short testimony. Then Pastor preached from Mark 16:15. It was a really good service. I learned a lot.
Tomorrow we are leaving at 6:30 in the morning to head to Connecticut and New England Baptist College. It is time for our basketball team to get their revenge!! We will beat them! GOOOOOO IBCo!!!
Following the game grandpa and I will drive directly to Queens, catch the train to Manhattan, and then take the subway to 57th St. and 7th Ave. CARNEGIE HALL!!! I'm sooooo excited, I can't wait! :)


Rosebud said...

Go, IBCo!!! =D And please describe Carnegie Hall when you get back...I hope you have a nice time!

bro milk said...

I wishI could go 2 CARNEGIE HALL, LUCKY DUCK!!!>:( --crazy demon sister

bro milk said...

i didn t say that. but hope you have fun!