Sunday, February 8, 2009

Today was just plain old interesting! I think it must be new moon! This afternoon everything that could, did go wrong! It was insane!
This afternoon I slept for over 2 hours! It was insane! It was nice though, but I needed to get some stuff done. I played my cello in church tonight. I went a little early to choir practice so that I could practice with my pianist. I have no idea what happened cuz the song I was supposed to play was one that I've played for a long time. Anyways, we ran through it several times, and decided that we'd pray for the best! Choir practice was just plain weird! I have no idea what was up, but there were songs that we all knew, that should've been easy for everybody that we just could not get! It was very strange.
I went to play my cello in church tonight. I sat down, and apparently moved at the exact same moment as Bro. Randall, who was sitting right behind me, I banged the scroll of my cello on his head, HARD! It knocked my cello out of tune! I had to try to tune it, and managed to get it pretty close, although it was still a half step off! Thankfully it was just one string, but I used that string a lot for this piece. Instead of it being to tuned to a D, it was tuned to and E-flat! I had to figure out how to make up for that while I was playing! It was interesting to say the least! Praise the Lord I made it through the entire song, and had a good ending! :) It really is funny, and I have laughed so much over it. It will probably be a story I tell for a long time! :)

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Rosebud said...

Whoa!!! Those days are absolutely crazy! =S

Thanks for your comment--the Maurers say "hi" back to you. Yes, I like the Grace campus! =)