Sunday, February 8, 2009

Prayer Request

I have a rather urgent prayer request. Yesterday a friend of mine was playing with his older brother's military knife and accidentally stabbed himself in the thigh! He was in ER for several hours. The doctor had an MRI done to make sure that there was no internal bleeding! Right now he is at home, although he has not been stitched up yet because the docs want to make sure that there is no infection before they close him up. He has to go back to the hospital tonight.
This is a very traumatic experience for him. Poor guy!
PLEASE keep him in your prayers! Thank you!


bro milk said...

thanks for the prayers. we re on the way to the hospital now.

bro milk said...

to all who prayed(i know some did pray like crazy)THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! a drain and i dont know how many stitches later(which went well) took all of about an hour! thats got to be some kind of record for the emergency room! PTL! for answered prayer. if you did pray please remember to thank God so He'll be pleased to answer more of your prayers. again i thank you all! and God!

Rosebud said...

Wow! I hope he's okay.