Friday, February 20, 2009


As you can see by the title of this post, I am MORE than ready for the weekend! I have had soooo many tests and quizzes this week that I'm thrilled to not have to study for anything tomorrow!
Classes went ok today. English Composition was the same joke that it always is, nobody ever gets a thing out of the class. I think I majorly bombed the World History test that I had today. It's one of those classes that the teacher STINKS and is really hard to understand. NOBODY in that class ever gets ANYTHING out of the lessons or homework. Chapel was good, grandpa preached on Having a Good Life. I had a test in English Grammar, I actually feel really good about it! Thankfully that was the end of my exams today! New Testament Survey was, well, pretty boring. The room was really hot, and I think that grandpa was tired, cuz he was kinda droning on, I almost fell asleep! We had an extra choir practice today cuz we are going to be recording for the next college CD on March 13. We have to be ready for that! I had half an hour break to eat lunch before I had to be at work at 1:30. I worked until 5:30. I decided to skip supper cuz what they were having didn't sound very appetizing. Instead I practiced piano cuz I'm supposed to play in church on March 8.
After that, I came to my room, and only reason I left to go to dorm devos at 10:30. I'm sleeping until 7:30 tomorrow. It will be soooo nice!


bro milk said...

sleep tight , bed bug.ha ha! after all that studying you deserve a good rest!

Rosebud said...

I was supposed to play on March 8, too. =) But switched to the 1st.