Monday, February 16, 2009

Time Flies

Wow! I just realized that this semester is already a quarter of the way over! How insane is that? It seems like school just started, and now we are 3 weeks away from midterms! People have told me that time only moves faster as you get older, I can't imagine it moving any faster! YIKES!
Nothing exciting today. Classes as usual. Chapel was amazing today. Bro. Randall preached on accepting disappointments. He spoke on how not everything that you want is what God wants for your life. For examples he used David and building the temple, Joseph and being sold into Egypt, and Moses not being allowed to go into the Promised Land. He said that sometimes it is our sin that causes us to have problems, and not be able to have what we want, other times whatever we want isn't necessarily wrong, it is just not in God's will. He also talked about having joy in spite of not getting what we want. It was one of the best sermon's I've heard in my life (I say that almost every time he preaches).
Work was the same old, same old. Since it is President's day all of the faculty left after classes, so it was nice to be able to clean in relative solitude. I HATE cleaning when there are tons of people around! Bathrooms are the worst thing in the world to clean when a lot of people are hanging out. I could tell quite the stories about cleaning don't want to hear them though....believe me!
I can't think of anything else that happened today that is worth mentioning, just the same boring life that I live, well it's not really boring, I really don't know what it is....interesting I guess would be a good word for it!


bro milk said...

boring & interesting... you got it all!

Rosebud said...

Sounds like it was a great sermon!