Monday, April 20, 2009

A Busy Week!!

This entire week has been absolutely HECTIC for me. With the World History lesson due, and other tests, quizzes and assignments, I feel as though I've been run over by a truck! Many late nights, and early mornings made for an exhausting week.
Classes were normal yesterday. Chapel was really good. Pastor Kurt Skelley preached from Jeremiah 18 about the potter. His main points were: 1. We need a Master, 2.
After classes I went on a walk with Mrs. Phillips and Charlie. We had a lot of fun with "rock races." :) We were kicking rocks and racing them. I won quite a few times!! :) LOL!!


*****The first and second graders were outside enjoying the weather*****

*****A bumblebee was enjoying the weather and the flowers*****

After our walk I went back to my room and worked some more on my World History! I spent hours on that class!! UGH!
Church was good. It was a nice break from World History! :) Bro. Dan Donaghue preached from Luke 15:11-8.
Friday was the big day for World History. I taught chapter 27, which was about World War I and the Great Depression. It was a LOT of material. I didn't finish it! I had to finish it on Monday, but will get to that a little bit later.
The class schedule was change on Friday because we had a split chapel, which means that the girls and guys had separate chapels, the speaker for the guys chapel hadn't gotten in until really late Thursday night, or actually really early Friday morning, so he had asked for chapel to get moved a class period later than what it usually is. So right after World History I had a test in English Grammar! I had not had very much time to study, so I was not really prepared. Oh well.
Chapel was really exciting. Instead of having a chapel service for the girls, we loaded up on a bus and went to the Stony Brook harbor and were able to just relax, take pictures, goof off, whatever we wanted to do. The administration had decided to give us a "mini-vacation" and all of us really appreciated it a LOT!! It was a beautiful day, and we needed the break.

*****Me and Nichole*****

*****Me and Dina*****

*****Me, Arrianny, and Mirta*****

*****I was able to get really close to this goose, I was almost able to touch it, but it wouldn't let me. The city girls, (Nichole, Mirta, and Arrianny) all from Brooklyn were terrified of it!! LOL*****

*****I thought this house was beautiful, I like the style*****

I really wasn't feeling very well on Friday, I was REALLY exhausted, so I took the day off work and slept for 4 hours! It was WONDERFUL! Even after I woke up I didn't do anything except lounge around. I fell asleep between 10 and 10:30 Friday night and slept until 7:30 on Saturday!! I got over 13 hours of sleep! AMAZING! It was wonderful and I could sooooo do it again!
Life got really fun on Saturday. Instead of doing my normal bus route I went with Bro. Barnes and several other college students to another bus route where for about half an hour we knocked on doors, in that time we were able to get 4 or 5 new families that wanted to ride the bus!! :) After that we picked up some bus kids, went to Subway for lunch (yay!!), picked up some more bus kids and then headed for Yonkers, NY for a youth rally. Dina was supposed to sing and needed someone to play for her, so I was asked to do that. There was a slight problem though, it was a Spanish youth rally, I don't understand much more than mucho, gracias, and muy bien. LOL! The rally went from 3 pm until 8 pm!! It was insane! There were 4 preachers, one of whom was Bro. Barnes, so at least I could understand what he was saying!!
I gave up trying to understand, and went outside and talked on my phone for the last sermon. I wasn't the only one who decided to get out, Bro. Barnes and his two sons that came with him also decided to leave! They went for a walk and found a Dunkin Donuts, smart people!! LOL!
The people that had come with us, weren't very happy with us for skipping out on them! :) I say it was their own fault! They could have left too!!
There was a meal that was served after the rally, it was REALLY good! MMM.....the rice was to die for! I love rice when it is cooked right, and nice and tender, but not mushy, that was the way this rice was! AWESOME!!
The ride back was pretty uneventful, although we couldn't find a Star Bucks anywhere, and when we finally found one it was closed! :( We decided to try Dunkin Donuts, cuz they are normally open 24 hours, well, it so happened that the 1 that we did find had closed about 15 minutes before we got there!! What a rip off!! We did finally find a 24/7 DDs and we got our drinks and food and were good to go!
We didn't get home until 11:15 Saturday night. I was pretty tired, but thankfully I had been able to get a lot of homework done, (I did hw at the rally when I couldn't understand a word!)

*****Jamecca taking a big gulp on our way to the rally*****

*****This was on the way to the rally, I thought it was pretty*****

*****Bro. Barnes preaching with an interpreter*****

*****My boredome expressed, a banana peel on the floor!!*****

Sunday started bright and early at 5:15. It really wasn't that bad. :) The bus kids were really wound up, so by the time I got back to church I was ready to kill a couple of kids, and was pretty tired. LOL!
Sunday school was really good. Bro. Randall talked about having patience. He said, "Stop trying to figure out what you are going to be doing in 25 years, and start trying to figure out what you are supposed to do TODAY!" What a good point! It's so easy to try to figure out what God wants me to be doing later, when really, I need to be figuring out what God wants me to do NOW! Bro. Randall also said, "Good things happen to those who wait." Yet, another good point!
The girl who normally works on Sunday afternoons was sick, so she asked me to work for her. I worked for about 1 1/2 hours Sunday afternoon. Then I got out my camera and started taking pictures, cuz there were more tulips in bloom!! :) :)


Choir practice was interesting. As Brother Randall put it, "We have an ADD choir." That was pretty much it, the weather was GORGEOUS and nobody really wanted to be inside singing.
Church was good, Bro. Longhoffer, from Brooklyn, spoke on finances.
I worked for almost 2 hours Sunday night and then took a shower and went to bed. :)
I finished up World History today. :) I must admit, I really do like teaching, it's a good thing that is what I am going to be doing for the rest of my life. :)
Work was seemed to drag though, but I think that is probably because it was raining and I really didn't want to be working. :( At least April showers bring May flowers!! :)


Rosebud said...

Talk about a long post!! =) I love all the pictures.

bug said...

haha!! I know, i think I counted 19 pictures!! LOL!! I was pretty busy!