Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Blog

I forgot to mention in my earlier post that I am thinking about starting another blog that has mostly just my photography. However, I am having a hard time coming up with a good name for it. If any of you have any ideas please leave a comment or get a hold of me somehow with your ideas! Thanks!


Anderson family said...

Ummmm..."Hannah's Picture Blog"? Now that is really simple..:P Hehe!! Ok..."Bug's Photography"? Whatever!! As you can see I'm not very creative with names!;P
I can't wait to see your new blog though! I love photography also. :)

bug said...

Here is a name that I thought of, it goes along with the title of this blog: "Life through a lens."
The more ideas that I get the better!! PLEASE give me your opinion.

bro milk said...

a bugs eye view ?

bug said...

hmmmm.....i like it! we'll far that's the one i like the best!

Rosebud said...

I'll vote on names, but I'm not good at coming up with them. (I didn't even name my own blog. =)) Bro. Milk's suggestion is funny. =)