Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Heat!! UGH!

For some reason this morning I was REALLY dragging. It took me forever to get anything done. It was rather frustrating. :(
Classes went well. Nothing exciting happened in Christian Home. It was a good thing that I had a free period after that cuz I had to finish up some things that didn't get done earlier.
Chapel was VERY good. Bro. Randall preached, he sermons are always good, but this one was especially fitting in light of Johne dying and the fact that Bro. Randall was very close to him cuz he was on music groups for several years. Bro. Randall preached from Psalm 90, "So teach us to number our days..." It wasn't a message about dying young, but rather about making sure that we use the days that we are given to serve God. At the beginning of that Psalm it talks about living threescore and ten years, and possibly fourscore years, Bro. Randall added it up and 70 years comes to 25,500 days. That is all the days that we have to live, it's not very many. His point was what are we doing with those few days that we have been given? It was a very sobering message, and I don't think there was a dry eye in the auditorium.
My Christian Womanhood class was outside today! It was wonderful cuz everything was rather warm again today. :( Once again, it was a major ADD class, but hey, we weren't dying from the heat!
Nothing new in Intro to Missions. Just the same old, same old. I didn't play any games, but I was IMing and working on other things.
Work was HOT again! Goodness! The auditorium was 86 degrees, and the administration
building was 89 degrees! It was another "hair up" day! Mark it down in history, THREE days in a row I have put my hair up in some way!! LOL!


I thought I was gonna get in SOOOOOO much trouble this afternoon while I was at work. I was vacuuming in the auditorium and I had taken my shoes off, cuz I couldn't stand the heat. Dr. Grimbilas (the Dean of Students) walked through as I was vacuuming and saw me bare foot! When I saw him my heart sank, cuz I thought he was gonna chew me out for breaking dress code. :( Instead he looked at me and said, "That's the way to do it, bare feet and your hair up. Stay as cool as you possibly can!" I was relieved to say the least, and I felt more freedom to be bare foot later on cuz he said it was ok, and if anybody were to write me up, all I have to do is go to him and he will take care of it!! YAY!! :)
After work I took some pictures, which will be on A Bug's Eye View soon, probably later tonight.
My roommate, God bless her, works in a coffee shop, and I asked her to bring me a lite iced vanilla latte (lite meaning skim milk and Splenda. She did, and it sure hit the spot! I REALLY needed it after working today. Not only was it nice and cool, but it also helped to wake me up! :)

*****My Latte*****

*****The cup totally cracked me up! Eco-Friendly! Isn't it wonderful!*****

*****HAHA plastic made from plants!!*****

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Rosebud said...

That IS a cracker. =) The heat is so great! I am so sorry to see it go. =(