Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's Been Goin' On

I had a wonderful surprise Monday night. Bro. Barnes, who teaches Christian Home, which is my first class on Tuesday and Thursday, sent me a text to call him when I was done with dorm devotions. So, I called him and he said that something had come up and he wouldn't be in class on Tuesday, he decided to cancel class!! :) :) :) Fine with me, and everyone else in that class!! The rejoicing in the dorms was rather loud!! It was AWESOME!!!
I didn't have to be ready until 9:20 for chapel! I still set my alarm for 5:00, but didn't roll outta bed til 5:30. I took my time getting ready, read my Bible extra, did laundry, got homework done, and straightened up my room! It was WONDERFUL!
Chapel was really good! Pastor Douster from New Jersey preached from Ezekiel 22:30, the title of his message was "The Person God Uses." It was amazing and VERY convicting. His 3 points were, 1. We must have a clean heart, Psalm 51:10, 2. Clean Head, Romans 12:2, 3. Clean Hands, Psalm 24:3-4. In his conclusion he said, "When God has control of your heart it will control your head which will send signals to your hands. The greatest need in the Christian life is your heart." WOW!! How important it is that I "Keep my heart with all diligence."
I had a test in Christian Womanhood. I don't know how that went, I remembered a lot, but there were somethings that my mind went completely blank on! :(
Intro to Missions was boring cuz Dr. Grimbilas went over the same notes that he gave on Thursday! I played Monopoly on my computer the entire class!
Work seemed went pretty well, but I was exhausted by the time it was done.
I went to bed before 10:00 last night!! I think I was really tired because of the fact that it rained all day.
Today was a normal wake up and classes. I had a REALLY hard time getting up, I'm not sure why cuz I got around 7 hours of sleep! I even fell back asleep this morning. It was really bad!
I had a test in English Composition. I think it went well.
Mrs. Donaghue was gone for World History, so we were given the answers to our homework and a review sheet for our test on Friday. We were out of that class early! :)
Dr. Akl, a deacon in the church, spoke in chapel today. He is an oral surgeon, but has his B.S. degree in Biology! COOL! He talked about Evolution, I loved EVERY minute of it!
We got our test results back in English Grammar.....I got the highest grade, it was a 75%!!! UGH!!!!
There was a quiz in New Testament Survey. It went ok.
Choir was nice, we got out 10 minutes early which is CRAZY!! We got out 5 minutes early last week. Normally we get out right on time, or a few minutes late. Its been nice.
Voice lessons went well. I hit a B-flat, not quite as high as last week, but it was still good. :)
It was raining again today, but I decided to take more pictures of tulips anyways. While I was outside I figured out that my setting for up close shots on my camera was turned off, so I turned it on, and the pictures turned out GORGEOUS!! I think I took a couple of my best pictures today! Totally AWESOME!


I did some more job hunting this afternoon. I found a good possibility working for a photographer. I would mainly be taking pictures of horse shows! How sweet is that??!! :) He took my name and number, and we talked for between 5 and 7 minutes! AWESOME!! He said to call back the middle of May, he is pretty sure that he will be hiring somebody this summer! :)
I also started packing and going through stuff tonight! I threw away a LOT of junk, gave away some clothes, and packed some clothes and other things! My room is pretty clean right now! It's really nice! :)

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