Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday and Easter Monday

I had a really good Easter Sunday. I didn't ride on the bus because the choir did a special concert Sunday morning and so everybody was required to be there, and we had an early choir practice at 8:15 that was also required. We sang 3 songs, "Up From the Grave," "It is Finished," and "Alive!" I liked all of them, but Alive! was my favorite. There were a lot of kids that rode the bus yesterday! I was really surprised! It was REALLY good. I don't think I mentioned this before, but on Friday the church had a teen activity and one of the guys on my bus route got saved!! That was sooooo cool!!
I was able to have Easter dinner with the Phillips' and the McMahon's. It was a lot of fun and good food!! :-P
Mrs. Phillips, Bro. Mike, and I had to be back at church by 5 for choir practice. I checked my phone and found out that a friend of mine had died about 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon!! He had been diagnosed with colon cancer 2 weeks ago, and apparently it was worse than I had thought. Please pray for the DeKruyter family as they are dealing with this sudden loss of a brother and uncle. I called him Uncle Dave, or Duncle Ave, and I know that I will miss him and his sweet spirit and the hours of music that we used to play together when he lived closer to us. His funeral will be Saturday in Illinois, where he lived. My family will be going. I think mom is going to be doing the music for the funeral cuz Uncle Dave was the pianist for his church. I know he has left a HUGE gap in his family, church, and friends lives. We will miss him! But he got to go home on Sunday, as he so wished to do, and not just any Sunday, but Easter Sunday.
It's a good thing that Mrs. Phillips was in the jeep with me cuz she gave me a hug, and I needed it REALLY REALLY bad!!
After that everything is pretty much a fog. I know I was at choir practice and church and I worked, but I don't remember any particular details.
After work I came back to my room to study for a World History test. That was fun....NOT! I was up pretty late. UGH!
Today dawned WAY to bright and early, well it wasn't exactly bright, just early, 5 am! YUCK again. I hate late nights and early mornings, they happen all the time. I guess that is just part of college life, but I still don't like it at all!
I think the World History test went ok. I had to use the process of elimination quite a bit. Oh well, at least Mrs. Donaghue brought chocolate to class with her, so that did help. :) Other than that classes went fine.
I got to sleep for almost 30 minutes between classes and work which was LOVELY!! Between the nap and a big mug of coffee I was able to make it through work just fine. :) There was no Christian school today because it is Easter Monday, I just think that they didn't want to have class, cuz the college still had classes. Since there was no mess to clean up in the school I was able to finish work early! I even did some extra things that I don't normally do and still was done 25 minutes early!! :) :) That made me VERY happy!
I just have some minor studying to do tonight and then I am going to work on the World History lesson that I am teaching on Friday....I think that will be fun! :)

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Rosebud said...

Have fun teaching on Friday! That's awesome about the guy on your bus route!