Monday, April 6, 2009

Sooooo busy!

I feel so bad that I haven't been updating very often. Time seems to fly right now, and its not slowing down, only speeding up faster and faster!!
So I guess I'll start with Thursday. Classes went well, nothing unusual or exciting happened. Since I don't have to work on Thursday's and Charlie has chapel and choir practice, Mrs. Phillips and I always take a walk. It was kinda gloomy outside, so we decided to stay nearby. It was, as it always is, so much fun to spend time with her. She is such a HUGE blessing to me.
After school she took me to Target so that I could get a bridal shower present for a bridal shower that was on Saturday. I ended up just getting a gift card cuz I couldn't get the registry to work, it was being a pain!
Thursday night I played for Communion at the church here. It went well, praise the Lord. I did have a bit of a problem with people making faces at me while I was sitting up there in between playing. LOL! I finally gave up trying to keep a straight face, it j
ust didn't happen. :)
Friday I had tests in English Comp, World History, and English Grammar!! It was crazy! After classes I worked and after work I came back to my room and worked a little bit on my project for Intro to Missions, and after that I pretty much vegged out. :)
Bus visiting went well on Saturday. It was really windy and a little bit on the chilly side because of that. I love the feel of wind so I didn't mind it at all, but I don't think many of the others were too happy about it.

Saturday afternoon there was a surprise bridal shower for one of the ladies here on staff who is getting married in August. It was a lot of fun, and a nice break from the routine.
I got a lot of work done on my project for Intro to Missions on Saturday, and only had a little bit that had to be finished by the time I stopped working on it. :)
I had a good time on the bus on Sunday. There is a little girl named Cindy who is 5 and an absolute doll and she absolutely adores me! :) I love her to death! She always sits by me and yesterday was no exception. She is sooooo sweet!


Sunday afternoon I finished my project!! YAY!! That was such a relief! It was a LOT of work and many, many hours worth of time spent researching and planning.
I talked to dad on the phone for a while about something very important. It was nice to do that, and get some things settled.

Normally choir practice is at 4:30 on Sunday afternoons. Well, because of the special concert we are doing for Easter it was changed to 4:00. I didn't know that until 4:05!! OOPS!!! I made it to choir by 4:15, that was the fastest that I've gotten ready in a LOOOOONNNGGGG time!
Church went well, nothing too exciting happened. After church I worked like normal. I came back to the dorms and started writing a paper that was due today. I was up until 1:00 writing it! It was crazy!
Needless to say, because of my late night last night, I'm really tired today! To add to that, it rained all day, so that didn't help my sleepiness at all! UGH!! I did find out that I got an 88% on my English Comp test, which for that class is a good grade. I think the highest grade was a 91%! The World History test grade was a 94%, I had the second highest grade on that, and the English Grammar test was an 80%, which was the highest grade received. So overall I didn't do too terribly bad. :)
After classes I came back to my room and decided to sleep! I was planning on getting up at 1, but I didn't hear my alarm go off, so I didn't get up until 2!!! I was supposed to be at work at 1:30! Yet another time for me to get ready REALLY fast!!
I am planning on getting all of the work that I need to get done for today done ASAP and am hoping to be in bed before 11 tonight.....


Pure Little Ladies Ministry said...

Hello, Miss Hannah!!

Thank you sooo much for inviting me to your blog! I've been on here in the past but then you changed it to a private blog and I couldn't remember by then if I had checked out your site or not. -_^

As a side note, that little girl, Cindy, is SUCH a cutie!! ^_^

Hope you've gotten a chance to read PLLM's Issue 3 and enter some of the giveaways we have going! -_^

Keep growing towards our Master by being a pure little lady for His Glory!

Miss Toria

Rosebud said...

Whoa, you sure HAVE been busy! =) Cindy is cute. Have a good day--talk to you later!