Saturday, April 11, 2009

100th post!

This post is the 100th post that I've ever written!! I can't believe that I've written so much or that it has been so long since I started this blog!
I got 9 1/2 hours of sleep last night! It was kinda by accident that I got that much though. I went to sleep around 10:30 and was planning on getting up at 7:30 like I usually do on Saturdays. Well, I heard my first two alarms go off at 7:20 and 7:25, but apparently I slept through my 7:30 alarm! OOPS!! I didn't wake up until 8.
Bus route was interesting. It was raining and whenever that happens we usually drive the route. Well, I was dying to be outside, so I asked Margaret if she minded walking the route. She said that was fine with her, we both wanted the exercise. So we were dropped off at one end of the route. It was pouring rain! Neither one of us is sure if it was such a great idea that we wanted to walk. We both got thoroughly drenched and looked like drowned rats! LOL! It was nice to walk though. :) We both froze! When we got back to the dorms I took a REALLY hot shower!
This afternoon daddy called me and said that he found a possible car for me. :) It is a 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass, with only 45,000 miles on it! He said that it looks like it has hardly been driven at all! The only problem is that they want $2,700 for it! There is no way that I can afford that. However the guy is interested in an alarm system, so he might be willing to do a little bit of trading for the car. I'm praying that if this is what God wants that it will work out.
I have lots of homework to do. Both of my English classes have quite a bit due for Monday. There is homework for World History, plus a test, plus I am teaching in it on Friday, so I'm working on my lesson for that. I also have chapter themes due for New Testament Survey, so I have plenty to do today. I can't wait until school is done. Only a few more weeks! YAY!! :)
As you can see, I already changed my background. I liked the flip flops, but it was a little too busy for me, and after only a few days, I couldn't take it anymore!!! I decided to go with something MUCH simpler!! I think it is much easier on the eyes, or at least my eyes!! LOL

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Rosebud said...

You are my kind of girl!! I love walking out in the rain! =)

Your new background is sweet and simple--I like it. =) The blinkie under the "about you" is cute.