Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Such is Life

Well, my words came back to bite me today! It snowed! :( :( Of all the crazy things! It's April and almost Easter!! Good grief. However it only snowed for about 10 minutes and none of it stuck! At least we didn't have the blizzard conditions of the mid-west, at least we haven't had those conditions yet!!
Nothing too exciting happened in my first two classes of the day. Chapel was EXCELLENT! Bro. Dan Donaghue, the principle of the Christian school, preached today. His topic was about trophies. He brought with him 5 trophies as illustrations. He listed Eve, Lot, Samson, and David, he had a trophy for each one of those, as he talked about the sin that they committed that allowed the devil to take them over he put their trophy on one side of the platform. Then he came to the final trophy, it was a gold cup. He held it up and said, "This is you life. The devil wants it for himself and he is going to send things your way that will try to make you sin and ruin your life. You could have a really good life, be desiring to do right but just 5 minutes could ruin your life forever." What a sobering thought. How easy it would be for me to slip in any area of my life and completely destroy anything that I could do for God in just a few minutes of time. Scary. It's sooo important for me to maintain a close walk with God.
New Testament Survey is where life started to get exciting. We had a test. UGH! I was not at all prepared for it! I had fallen asleep last night studying for it and none of it was really sticking in my head. A lot of it was fill in the blank so I was able to figure it out, but I have NO idea how it really went.
For some reason choir went really fast today! That normally isn't the case for me, but it seemed to fly today, which was really nice.
I had a voice lesson this afternoon. It went well, even if I did keep frowning!! :-S I'm going to get at least one new song next week!! I'm really excited. :) So far I've learned "God Hears My Prayers," "Love Lifted Me," and I am working on "Everlasting Love." I love the words to "God Hears My Prayers" they are really pretty!
This afternoon I started job hunting for the summer! I filled out 3 applications online, made 18 phone calls, and sent 2 emails!! I got quite a few "No," several "pick up an application," and several "call backs." Please pray that I find something so that I will have a job by the time I get home in May.
I counted the amount of days of school, and there are 36 days until graduation, but only 34 days of school left, that includes weekends!! I'm amazed at how fast this semester is flying by! It's really scary!

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Only 34 days?? That's cool!