Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's Spring!!

Last night in dorm devotions Mrs. Mushtaq spoke to us. For an illustration she handed several of us styrofoam cups and then came down the line pouring what looked like water from a cup into what looked like a small wooden goblet, and pouring from that into our cups. After we all had some in our cups she told us to drink it and then tell her what we thought. We all kinda looked at each other nervously and tried a sip, it had a really funny taste. Bitter was the best word to describe the flavor. It was regular water in the styrofoam cup, but it was poured into wormwood, which gave it the funny flavor. Apparently the longer the water is in the wormwood the worse it tastes, we were all glad that Mrs. Mushtaq had only had the water in the wormwood for at the VERY most a minute before we got it in our cups. However, it was a REALLY good illustration of sin, and how quickly it becomes bitter.
I love Tuesdays and Thursdays because I only have 3 classes, and they are all relatively easy, especially compared to my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes. First period was Christian Home, we got our test results back, I got a 95%, not bad, although it ruins my 100% average in the class, but oh well, I think I can still handle that. :)
I had a wonderful free period in which I made some phone calls following up on job applications. One of the places said they weren't hiring, another said that for some reason the online application that I had filled out said that I wasn't eligible for the job. She asked me a couple of questions and said that shouldn't have happened, so i had to fill out that application....again. The other store that I called said that I needed to talk to the manager, and he wasn't in today, so I have to call tomorrow. So far, not so good. :( Please continue to pray that I find a job.
Chapel was really good. Pastor Wes Bailey from North Carolina is here for a couple of days. He is the dad of 2 of the students here. He preached from Psalm 56, using the whole chapter, but his text was verse 9, "When I cry unto thee, then shall mine enemies turn back: this I know; for God is for me." The title of the message was, "This I know, for God is for me." It was REALLY good! He is going to be preaching tomorrow as well, and I'm looking forward to the sermon.
My next class was Christian Womanhood. We learned more about interior decorating, finished up that topic and then went on to verse 23 of Proverbs 31 and discussed the success of a husband, and how it is the wife that makes or breaks her husband. It really is a VERY scary thing to think about. Obviously I'm not married, nor do I have a boyfriend, but hopefully some day in the future I will have one, and I want him to succeed at whatever God has called him to do. It is a good reminder to stay close to God ALWAYS!!
Let's not even go into what I learned in Intro to Missions, or rather what I didn't learn in that class. I didn't learn anything, like normal. I spent the hour IMing and texting friends, and filling out job applications online.
I actually ate lunch in the cafeteria today! They had baked chicken, so I could eat it!! It was WONDERFUL!! :)
Nothing exciting happened at work. I worked about 15 extra minutes in order to finish something up, but that was ok since I had left early yesterday.
After work I came back to my room and worked for several hours on the World History that I'm teaching. It's really hard to fit all of WWI into one 50 minute lesson! It's a LOT of info to condense down to such a small time frame.
I found one brave tulip that flowered today, so I took some pics, it is really pretty, and since tulips are my favorite flower I HAD to take some pictures!!


*****Flowers on a bush*****

*****It's all green and alive! It's Spring time!!*****

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