Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday!

My day started bright and early with a phone call at 5:01 this morning!! It was Doug. I had jokingly told him last night that he could call me at 5 when I woke up, I wasn't expecting him to actually take me up on the offer! LOL!! I was looking for a picture of him, and the only one that I could find that was recent of Doug was from my graduation (actually, mom found it and emailed it to me).

*****Doug is the guy second in from the left*****

Classes went well. I got a 92% on my World History test that I took Monday. It was the 3rd highest grade (out of 4), the other 3 got 94%, 93% and 89%, so we were all pretty close. I have a test in English Grammar on Friday, oh joy! :( I took a quiz in New Testament Survey. I think it went pretty well. :) Choir seemed to drag today, I'm not really sure why it seemed that way, but oh well. We even got out 5 minutes early, but it just seemed like it didn't want to end for some reason.
Chapel was once again really good. Pastor Bailey spoke on Praying for Revival, but not just revival in general, but praying for personal revival. It was really, really good!
I had voice lessons. They went well. I hit a B!! I was pretty amazed! :) I got 2 new songs, but I don't remember what they are, I will get the music probably tonight so I will post later with the titles. :) I do know that I know one of them, and had never heard the other one before today. I like them both though.
The tulip that I took pictures of yesterday was fully opened today, so I took more pictures today, it was BEAUTIFUL!! I took pictures of other plants and stuff too! It was a BEAUTIFUL day!!


*****A new tulip will bloom soon! YAY!*****

*****I thought the moth was beautiful on the flower****

*****While I was taking pics of flowers some of the guys were painting the building and being goofy, so I took their pic!! :) *****

*****The Christian school took advantage of the warm weather to play ball*****

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Rosebud said...

HEY, there's Jesse!!! =D The flowers are lovely. =)