Monday, April 27, 2009


Since I have started the new blog with the main purpose of posting pictures, I will not be putting as many on this blog, but I will most definitely be posting some on here as well.
Sunday went well. Bus attendance was down, which was sad. There were only 30 some kids instead of the 50 some that usually ride. :( I'm guessing the reason for that is probably due to the weather. It was GORGEOUS!! At least the first part of the day was gorgeous, it got REALLY hot by mid-afternoon.

*****This was taken around 11:30 Sunday afternoon!*****

Bus drop offs were miserably HOT! The bus was rather warm to say the least, even with all the windows open. It did finally start to cool off once all the kids were off and we were on our way home.
There was a bit of excitement after bus route. Bro. Mike drives a limo for his boss as a second job. He was supposed to go to the city Sunday night to pick his boss up, so he brought the limo with him to church that way he could leave directly from there for NYC. He offered to take several of us for a spin!! It was SOOOO sweet! :) It was WONDERFUL! On top of everything else, it was air conditioned, something that we were all desperately needing! (By this time the temp had reached 90!) It was a blast!! :)

*****Looking from the front*****

*****Looking from the back*****

*****Total Sweetness!*****

*****Bro. Mushtaq, our maintenance man, posing with the car :)*****
So, that was the excitement of the day. :) I got all of my homework done for Monday, and then took a brief nap before it was time for choir practice. When I got into the auditorium it was HOT!! The thermostat showed 87 degrees!! Apparently the air conditioning is broken, so UGH!! Bro. Randall decided to move choir practice downstairs to the music room, which was cooler, but after putting so many people inside it got rather warm.
Church was pretty hot as well. It got really hot in the choir loft. I was glad that I didn't have to stay on the platform like the assistant pastors had to do.
After church I worked like normal. I vacuumed for over an hour, and with the temperature being soooo warm, I was rather hot and sticky by the time I was done working. I went through 3 bottles of water in 2 hours! I actually put my hair up, so you know it was hot if I did that since I NEVER pull it back in any way, shape, or form!
I was sooooo glad to come back to my room and take a cool shower before check in at 10:00.
The research paper for English Composition was due today. Mine was written on Joan of Arc.
World History was a BLAST!! We convinced Mrs. Donaghue to have class outside, because the class rooms were sooooo hot! :) There are four of us in that class, and all of us had a major case of ADD during class! I don't think we got a thing out of the class, but we all had a blast being dumb! :D It was fun!
Nothing else exciting happened in any of my classes.
I took some pictures today, but I think I will post them on my other blog.
Work was REALLY hot again! I put my hair up yet again! AMAZING!! Two days in a row!

*****This was the temperature in the auditorium this afternoon, it got even hotter later!! The class rooms were even warmer than the auditorium!*****

I came across this poem today and thought is was really good and really sobering!

His Plan for Me

When I stand at the judgment seat of Christ
And He shows me His plan for me,
The plan of my life as it might have been
Had He had His way, and I see

How I blocked Him here, and checked Him there,
And I would not yield my will --
Will there be grief in my Saviour's eyes,
Grief though He loves me still?

He would have me rich, but I stand there poor,
Stripped of all but His grace,
While memory runs like a hunted thing
Down the paths I cannot retrace.

Then my desolate heart will well-nigh break
With the tears that I cannot shed;
I shall cover my face with my empty hands,
I shall bow my uncrowned head. . .

Lord, of the years that are left to me,
I give them to Thy hand;
Take me and break me, mould me to
The pattern Thou hast planned.

~Martha Snell Nicholson

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Rosebud said...

Thought-provoking poem. The weather sure was hot there, wasn't it!!??