Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Refuge from the Storm

I have a new post in the process of being written about what's been going on in my life (it's been hectic) but I thought I would take a moment to write what is in my heart right now.
I just read the post A Quiet Refuge by Ashleigh from Young Ladies Christian Fellowship. It is a really good post about where she runs in a troubled time of her life. Her places are generally far away from her home, they are places that are calming to her. I also have quiet places, they are places that I've found, not far from where I am, that are quiet, calm, and comforting to me. It is in those places that I find sweet relief from the rat race of life, the troubles in life, and where I find God is the closest to me, or rather, I am the closest to God.
When I am at home and life gets hard, and my heart is heavy, I run to the creek that borders our property. There is a certain place that I climb down the creek bank and "hide" from the world. Unless you are looking VERY closely it is impossible to see me. It is there that I can cry and pray and often I ask God, "Why?" But it is often there that I find sweet peace and comfort, and there that I feel God's arms around me as He holds me tenderly and lets me know that He cares for me.
At college it is EXTREMELY difficult to find a quiet place of refuge. However, if you look long enough and hard enough those places, although few and far between can be found. I have found that early in the morning, before most people are awake it is wonderful to walk outside, to one of the benches and there is a wonderful, quiet place to be alone with God. Right now with Spring here, and the flowers in bloom, the birds chirping, as the sun comes over the horizon, God seems to be almost tangible. He comes everyday to meet me, and I love spending time with Him.
Sometimes the cares and fears of the world hit me during the day, when this occurs, which is quite often, it is much harder to find a quiet place where nobody is around and I can cry out to God and let my thoughts and feelings come out in a jumbled mess that even I cannot put together or make any sense out of, but God can. Yet it seems that when those times come, God opens a door somewhere for me, and I find the quiet that I need. How good He is!
Some of you know the problems that I have had this school year, and in particular this semester. Not only the physical problems following my surgery in January, but also the other inside hurts that I have experienced. The ONLY way that I have managed to get through them is because of the quiet places that I have found. The times I got alone with God, and poured out my heart to the One who knows all, and knows and understands my thoughts better than I understand them. He feels my pain, and sees my tears, and ever so gently He dries my tears, and lets me know that He is right beside me, holding my hand and guiding me through my hardships.
I have been through a lot this semester, but looking back I see that God was with me the whole way, and though I still don't understand much of what has happened, or why it has happened, this I do know: God put it there for a reason, and it has helped me to mature Spiritually, and I have drawn closer to Him than ever before, thanks to those quiet places where God meets with me.
The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms. Deuteronomy 33:27

I love to steal awhile away
From every cumbering care,
And spend the hours of closing day
In humble, grateful, prayer.

I love in solitude to shed
The penitential tear,
And all His promises to plead
Where none but God can hear.

I love to think on mercies past,
And future good implore,
And all my cares and sorrows cast
On God, whom I adore.

I love by faith to take a view
Of brighter scenes in heaven;
The prospect doth my strength renew,
While here by tempests driven.

Thus, when life’s toilsome day is o’er,
May its departing ray,
Be calm at this impressive hour,
And lead to endless day.

~Phoebe Brown

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Amen and praise the Lord.