Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just what's been happening

I had a test on Friday in World History. I think it went well....I don't know for sure.
Other than that, classes went well, and nothing unusual happened.
Work really wasn't that bad yesterday. I cleaned the dorms, which is a change for me, and a nice change, so it didn't really seem to drag at all. :)
I did get more pictures, (shocking I know!! :-P) And, yes, I was up in a tree taking a lot of them....I couldn't resist, they were beckoning me!

*****Even dandelions are gorgeous!*****

*****In the tree*****

*****On the ground again*****

*****YES! Tulips!*****

I also managed to get some MUCHO better pictures of the tulips that my parents sent me on Thursday.


Today the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS!! I was able to be outside quite a bit, and got some nice pictures, although no tree climbing today. I can't say it wasn't tempting though.


*****Even weeds can be pretty*****

*****I can't go a day without taking pictures of tulips*****

I finished up everything for my research paper for English Composition tonight! :) That is VERY good, I'm soooo glad that I will be able to turn that in free and clear on Monday, never to write another paper until next school year!! YAY!! The joy of the thought!! :)
One thing I forgot to mention earlier is that yesterday we got our schedule for finals. They run May 8-13. I have 2 exams every day except for Monday, and I only have 1 that day. UGH! But at least once they are done then there is NO school for several months! I can't wait!
Tonight we got some shocking news. A guy who used to come to college here, and was on music groups at least one year, 2006, died either yesterday or today. He was camping and fell off a waterfall. Most of the freshmen don't know him, but I knew him because he was on music groups the year I came for music camp. His name was Johnne Gistinger. Please pray for his family as this is quite a shock to them, and really to everybody who knew him.


bro milk said...

Very sad news about Johnne. I had the experience of working in both choir & bus ministry with Johnne. Always a lot of energy. I still remember him unto the if it were Jesus sitting in the front row. Til we meet again my friend....

Rosebud said...

Oh, that is sad! =( I'll be praying for the family.

Good pictures, as usual. ;-) The one of the dandelion is neat--I don't always stop to look at them that closely.